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Algo | BLK | Security Token | Protocols | DAO Voting
Media | Web3 Marketing | Analytics | IR


John W. | Managing Director

Ronan B. | Logistics & Blockchain Developer

Neo | Matrix Coodinator

Physics, math & computer science background, experience working for Navy in automation and molecular dynamics research

Luke L. | Economist & Market Analyst

The Conscience

5+ years trading, blockchain/market analyst, white paper development

Tyler R. | Blockchain Developer & Protocols

The 1% Hacker

Solidity Developer (coding language for ETH) : smart contract development, token gated sites, dApps, factory contracts, real assets, tokenization, automated functionality, full stack development

Victor P. | Developer

The Gamer

DAOs, voting mechanisms, dApps, full stack development, databases

Mitchell S. | Data Science & Python Developer

The Aussie 'Monte'

Solidity, data analyst (big data), algorithmic trading, runtime analysis

Michael M. | Jr. Research Analyst

Python, Code refactoring, speed analysis, infrastructure mapping


Asa A. |  Managing Director

Darren H. | Strategy & Growth

The Heart

Campaign & monetization strategy, affiliate marketing, branding, sales, product & business development

Chance R. | Digital Marketing Specialist

Bobby Digital

Social media, photography,  videography, virtual reality, coding, app development, graphic design, UX/UI  & digital collectibles

Josh V. | Finance & Data Analyst

Mr. 10-Figure

Finance & hedge fund background, white paper development & Forecasting

Rush A. | Graphic Design & Digital Art


10+ years Art, Graphic Design


Pat O. | Angel Investor

Tazwell R. | Business Ambassador

Hryer K. | Business Ambassador

Don H. | Finance & Board

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