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Our Mission

Develop and leverage deep, emerging technologies to implement commercial applications for the digital economy in the pursuit of fundamental value and positive progress.


Embrace, change, and accelerate innovation; foster the evolution of web3 and embrace the key value-add components for:  Deep tech ecosystems, media and  analytics, campaign architecture.

Empower technology, individuals, teams and strategic partners to provide viable solutions to amplify business intelligence.


'Absorb knowledge' - Leverage internal and key-strategic partner expertise to develop highly scalable, precise projects, and execute strategic workflows. 


Plan3 is an applied profit-driven think tank and autonomous execution team that operates within “Pasteur’s Quadrant."
Pasteur's Quadrant is the area of research that seeks fundamental understanding of scientific problems, while also having immediate use for society.


We harness deep tech, marketing, analytics, and (eco)energy advances to solve real-world problems and create new opportunities.


We deploy an array of perspectives to engineer the best vision, strategy, tactics, and implementation for our projects.


Our managed projects syndicate internal resources in collaboration with our network of strategic ecosystems, delivering precise results to bridge the gap into new paradigms.


Plan3 applied research connects discoveries to a practical and highly-strategic end; commercialization is focused on delivering end results.

Plan3 Ethos

"Process should not stifle creativity. It can’t end up being a barrier to innovation or be the barrier to the fluid movement of ideas."

  • People First

  • Solution-Based Mindset

  • Applied Lifelong Learning

  • Do the Next Right Thing

  • Radical Ownership

  • Know the Why

  • Mastery | Simplification

  • Quiet Confidence

  • Creativity | Intellectual Curiosity

  • Transparency | Loyalty

"Change is a fundamental law of life. Those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future.”

Core Values

We cultivate a team that is oriented in a culture of ownership and accountability.  We are constantly evolving through collective ideas that can be decisively implemented. We engage passionately to create long term resolve and endurance.

Hiring Policy: 

“First, hire only great people, no compromises.

Second, make sure those people share the company’s core values and truly ‘get’ our mission.” 

Interview Process:

Round 1: Initial video chat

Round 2: In office interview (1hr)

Round 3: In office team interviews (3hr)

Round 4: Executive final interview

Experienced Leadership

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